COVID-19VaccineTracker 1.0 Details

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleIf you live in one of the countries where vaccination has already begun or just want to receive information about it, you can install COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker gadget. The default window of the gadget displays information related to vaccination against COVID-19, namely the number of Doses Administered. Depending on the settings, the gadget monitors data at a global scale or at the US. Finally, you can place information on the gadgets main window about the country or state you've selected, for example, home country, to monitor it. You can go one step further and view details by country or states in a dedicated flyout window. Just click to "View by country" string on gadget's body. Due to the integrated search function, you can easily find a certain country and analyze the corresponding values more carefully. Also, can easily sort this data by the total number of detected cases. COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker is meant to help you keep an eye on the evolution of the vaccination in all the affected countries, while also getting the chance to customize the default colors to your liking (you can easily restore the default settings if you are not satisfied with the outcome). Furthermore, you can set it to update the information whenever you want, with a single mouse click on refresh icon, without needing to wait until the default 12-hours refreshing interval is up.

Download and use it now: COVID-19VaccineTracker

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